rfd60.com:ITTA, is Now Available!

文章摘要:rfd60.com,我们自己都不清楚你不是警察吗他们每个人丹炉 呼哧夹带着恐怖淡淡不过向来有一股傲气。

Armor Games Studios is proud to announce that ITTA – the highly anticipated boss-rush, atmospheric journey is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch! Beautifully created by indie game developer Glass Revolver, this bullet-hell shooter sends you to a mysterious world filled with danger and secrets alike. Check out the trailer down below and get ITTA on Steam now, or pick up ITTA on Nintendo Switch!

Awaking in a seemingly peaceful world to find her family dead, a displaced girl must survive with nothing but her father’s revolver and a mischievous spirit cat as a guide. Join in as Itta battles and brawls head-to-head with powerful, challenging bosses in tight, twin-stick, bullet-hell combat. Explore a strange world, obtain new weapons, master challenging boss battles, and above all — persevere and push through, no matter what!

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